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If you are looking for a promotional product that will concisely communicate your company's contact information, your holiday greeting, or your service group's motto, then imprinted pens are excellent. The variety of designs and colors are truly amazing, making it possible to use an approach that will make an impact on your audience. You'll find lots of suggestions and examples as you explore the possibilities.

For those dealing with a young audience, neon colors are especially captivating. Youth clubs, school fundraisers, and student government activities are perfect settings for the use of brightly colored imprinted pens. Convey the theme of the event, the name of the club or school, or the concept being emphasized. Taking the idea into a collegiate setting, the use of a mascot or logo can provide excellent promotional materials for recruiting or for welcoming new students to campus.

Patriotic Pen II
Item Name:
Item #:
Imprint Area
2”W x 1”H
Minimum Quantity:
As low as $0.55
$0.69 (250 - 499)
$0.65 (500 - 999)
$0.59 (1000 - 2499)
$0.55 (2500 - 4999)


Imprinted pens can be great tools for professional organizations. It's possible to promote your union or association at trade shows or high school career events. You can use these materials as small motivational tokens when you are visiting your members at their workplace settings. You can include them in apprenticeship or orientation activities.

Creating a presence in a new community can be challenging, and the use of imprinted pens provides a non-threatening way to get your name out. You can hand out your promotional materials at community fairs, back-to-school events, or local parades. You can make them available at the front desk of your office for those who stop in to ask questions. Your use of stylish designs will make your writing implements attractive, perfect for keeping your contact information relevant and accessible. Your goal is that the pens would be taken and use, so invest in an affordable choice that is eye-catching.

If your business or organization focuses on more casual areas of interest, think about fun designs. If you work with military members, consider models like the Patriot pen. If your focus is in the area of banking, insurance, or real estate, then consider a metallic choice of imprinted pens, communicating a sense of distinction to the individual who uses it.

The nice thing about imprinted pens is that you can tailor your choices to your area of interest. You can opt for affordability if you are going to need a bunch of pens. You can be a little more liberal in your choice if your goal is elegance. Whether you are composing welcome boxes for your community church or whether you are putting together study packs for college residence hall students, there are colors and styles that will enable you to communicate your message clearly and simply.

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