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Pens are surprisingly effective vehicles for corporate promotion. A pen that is used to sign a form or that is handed out at a professional function will make it into a client's purse or briefcase. It will be used repeatedly and may even be brought into the home. Seeing the logo on the pen every day will form a positive subconscious impression. Pens are more likely to be used than t-shirts and other promotional items are, and they are much cheaper to produce. They can even be used simply to boost company morale. An office that is stocked with its own branded pens feels and looks more professional.

The Promoklic is ePens' most popular style. It is a slender automatic pen with a small black grip. Up to four lines of text can be printed on each pen. The customer can even upload a logo or other image to the online order form. The Promoklic is available in shipments of primary colors, metallic finishes and translucent bodies.

Fiesta Grip pens are slightly thicker and have long embedded rubber grips. The grips match the clips underneath the clickable top button. The rest of the pens are white. The logo or text is printed on this white space.

The Stratsford is a unique looking pen that has a squiggly metal clip and a flat top button. This pen would suit a company that is in technology or some other youth-oriented field. The grip is white, and the rest of the pen is a primary color.

The Prism is a very thick pen that is all white except for a silver top portion and its unique grip. A jeweled effect is drawn onto the clear grip in the color of the customer's choice.

Durable Stick Pen
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Our most popular stick can be personalized with your logo or up to 4 lines of text. Perfect for your special event and advertising.


The Billboard is the perfect pen for a company that wants to make a bold statement with lots of imagery. The pen is literally a miniature billboard and can display a full advertisement within three clicks. The Flip-Ad pen is another attention-grabbing design that prominently features a logo or image. A large circular attachment to the clip is emblazoned with the selected image, so it will be seen at all times.

Promotional pens can be used for social and celebratory situations in addition to business ones. Personalized pens can be tucked into gift bags from Bar Mitzvahs and bridal showers. They can be left at place settings at weddings. Guests are always impressed by party favors that have value once the party ends.

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